Salkantay trek operator; Is a local operator company from Cusco, 100% Peruvian, managed, and guided by local professional tour guides; adventure trips expert, specialized in: adventure hikes in Peru such as: Machu Picchu hiking tours, Humantay lake, Ancascocha hike, Choquequirao hike, day trips and expeditions in Cusco, and all paths running by this fantastic mountain range.

This is the highest peak of the Cordillera Vilcabamba, part of Peruvian Andes, located at about 60 km (40 miles) north-west of Cusco City, above valleys, which are tributaries of the Amazon River.

It is the 2nd highest mountain of the region, the 38th highest Andes peak, second most topographically prominent peak, the twelfth highest mountain in Peru, situated in deeply incised terrain, with a great vertical relief, where doing hiking is pleasant.

This mountain was associated to concepts of rain, and fertility, Considered to be one of the principal deities, controlling the weather of the region, creating fascinating landscapes, where also is situated the wonderful Humantay lagoon, which is at an snow mountain slopes.

By Salkantay trek and Humantay lake tour guides

There are several old paths that leads to villages, sacred mountains, shrines, holly places, lakes, and to the sacred valley, to places such as: Ancascocha lake, and Machu Picchu, which with a knowledgeable local guide is absolutely more meaningful.

Some of our paths are new, trails that stays unknown by other companies, we are glad to be here, to organize you tours, by this fantastic land.

We are a group of tour guides, with many years of experience in cultural, day tours, and hiking; where our specialty are the trekking in the region.

We operate directly the hiking tours such as: Ancascocha trek, and all trails; that are connecting to the inca trail, and the sacred valley, cusco day hike, inca bridge, etc.

Partner of Inka Challenge Peru, we operate adventure journeys in the area, including shamanic ceremonies, cleansing rituals, day sightseeing’s, cultural journeys, Inca quarry tour, Vinicunca hike, short inca trail, choquequirao trip, and all Machu Picchu hiking tours.

Salkantay, Ancascocha and Humantay lake tour experts

The name of our Company, comes for salkantay mountains, which means:  SALKAN = The Wildest, savage, and invincible and TAY = holly, Father, in (Runa-Simi = inca language). We are experts organizing trips through Salkantay range, trail such as the Ancascocha, and the trip to Humantay lake.

Come and take our service: all organized in private services, small groups, and large groups, providing personalized service, our adventure journeys goes by paths, known only by few local tour guides.

Daily departures for the fascinating Humantay lake, a nice blue color lagoon, situated below of a snow peak named Humantay, leaded in private tour, that engages every visitor who has done this hike.

For more information regarding our Salkantay trek, just write us; we will feedback ASAP.

ancascocha trek cusco
$ 000
Ancascocha trek

Ancascocha trek to sacred valley, 5 days amazing hike by magnificent landscape,  offered only by few local companies.

llamacancha humantay lake
$ 680
Classic salkantay trek

5 days, classic hiking program to machu picchu, includes the visit to humantay lake,  all leaded by expert peru local guides

humantay lake tours
$ 000
Humantay Lake Tours

The humantay lake tours, is our day trip from Cusco, it brings you to enjoy the beauty of a fascinating blue lake in a full day program

llamacancha humantay lake
$ 000
Llamacancha Humantay Lake

Llamacancha Humantay Lake, 5 days new trip in Peru, by incredible paths, our exclusive new Cusco trekking trail, hike a secret path leaded by expert guides

salkantay express tours
$ 000
Salkantay Express Tour

4 days and 3 nights tour, from Salkantay to Machu Picchu, see wonderful landscapes, 2nighs in tent, and 1 in hotel, leads by the classic path, in short period

salkantay inca trail
$ 000
Salkantay Inca Trail

Hike connecting to the traditional inca trail, 6 days tour that starts at soraypampa, and joins the famous path on the 3th day, and reaches machu picchu

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