About Salkantay Trek Operator

About Salkantay Trek Operator, Is an adventure tours and hikes Operator Company, with many years of experience in the tourism industry, based in Cusco Peru: Partner of Inka Challenge Peru which is Native Peruvian tour guides company, certified tour Operator Company since 2014. The managers are from a small village at 15 miles away from Cusco, involved in the tourism industry for about 20 years of experience.

We believe that our dynamic knowledge, help us to provide unique tours to our visitors. We want to provide you the best tour experience in Peru; we believe that we have the advantage on other operator because, we provide personalized quality tours, we mainly organize as well private tours which is our specialty, but we also arrange tours in small groups.

We are leading tours by all trails that are passing by Salkantay mountains range, by the traditional trail and the less frequented and the unknown paths, from 3 days tour, up to 8 days, some of them leading to the sacred valley, some other to machu picchu, and some of them by ancascocha area.

The principles of our company is very clear. Deliver an unfailingly high level of service, paired with an equally high regards for ecological preservation, taking advantage from technology to provide high quality service that is rarely seeing, with the best value on mind for our clients.

Responsible Tourism, Conserving the environment: The beauty and diversity of Peru is awe-inspiring – we want to keep it that way; reason by which, we have incorporated as well the universal principles of sustainability, and ecological preservation, we protect the environment and benefit the local communities: On all our tours, we have a clean-up policy, that must be respected by all our team – ‘take out what you bring’.

We use propane to cook meals on our treks, making sure that water on our paths is kept clean, avoiding using pollutants in streams or springs, we limit deforestation, we avoid activities which threaten wildlife or which may be potentially damaging to our natural environment. With this purpose on mind, we train our crew to understands, and be part of our environmental friendliness mind, we also employ only local people, from their geographical area, who become guards of nature as well.

Here you can see all our Trekking Tours.

Our Team:

All our Tour Guides are Native Peruvian from Cusco region, whit guiding degree, highly-experienced on trekking tours, knowledgeable; whose 1st language is QUECHUA (Inka Language), and of course fluent in Spanish, and fluent English; where some of our guides are fluent in German, French and Italian languages, our guides has attend courses on first aid, rescue, high altitude sickness problems, flora, fauna, history and archaeology.

Our Porters, Muleteers and Chefs

We employ our local brothers: The muleteers are local people, who does not have possibility to find a job in a city, locals who knows very well all paths. Our main trekking cooks: Andres, Gavino, Toribio, Victor and Santos; are experts making delicious meals that are provided in our treks, reach in balanced nutrients the body needs, amongst traditional and novo Andean food, also knowledgeable in food for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets, same as cooking assistants and helpers, who are fast, clean and respectful, who will manage the trekking and cooking equipment such as: tents, tables, chairs, food, water etc.


Bryan Wilbert: (Founder and lead guide): Was born in Zurite, a village at 15 miles away from Cusco city, current member of a community, who moved to the city to continue with the high school studies and university, experienced professional tour guide, leading and managing tours for more than 20 years, he is passionate about culture and knows well “what works and what doesn’t for the client”.

Silvia: Was born in small native community out site Cusco. Moved to Cusco looking for better opportunities, has worked in several things, she is a technician nurse, she is in charge of personnel and nutrition, she is who takes care about the crew.