Llamacancha Humantay Lake

Llamacancha Humantay Lake, 5 days

Llamacancha Humantay Lake, 5 days Tour; is our exclusive new trekking tours in Cusco Peru, a wonderful tour that brings you to discover majestic and magical scenery that you think it exists only in fiction, a path by which only locals who knows very well the region can take you. Amazing views of Ausangate Mountain 6.363 meter, Chicon 5.850 meters, Huaccay Huillca 5.870 meters, Huayanay 5.600 meters, Humantay 5.800 meters, Salkantay 6.272 meters, all glacier summits, and valleys that are absolutely worth to see, thail leads by grassy ground, sandy trail passes, and possibility to see Condors, Deer’s, Andean Fox, Andean gees, eagles, etc.

We are proud of saying that, we are the only tour company offering this trekking tour, (Because the, and our team loves exploring new alternative trails and offer only the best) manager and some of our team, the tour is leaded by our expert, local and professional tour guides, who likes the magic of the nature, and being out of pollution, and stress that you get in the city.

The best of the best alternative, adventure tours in Peru; the hike starts at a high elevation at over 4000 meters, this allow us to avoid all the steep, and hard part of the 1st day, (this used to be the longest and steepest part of the entire itinerary, but locals has made a road for a project), The views on this trail are almost like a view from a plane, the campsites used to spend the nights are at quiet in the middle of safe and clean nature, the several summit are the rewarding of the trip, because this provides terrific views, and finally you will have the best view of Salkantay mountain, and end up the program with visit to Humantay lake.


Day 1: Cusco – Llamacancha – Yanacocha. At 06:00 hrs, transfer personnel will meet you at your hotel, then meet you with the crew who will be with you during the entire trail, you will drive through Zurite where the group will stop to buy any missing supplies for the hike, then drive for 1 hour to Llamacancha. Here you will meet the muleteers and begin walking by a grassy, gentle uphill path for 1 hour to reach the summit, then walk to an spot where fresh water runs and stop for lunch, after lunch climb up by straw grass to get an old trail; along the trail you will red mountain summits, white rocks then reach yanacocha where the group will spend the 1st night over 4.300 meters.

Day 02: Yanacocha – Occoruro. Have breakfast at 06:00 hrs, then continue with the tour, it begins with a medium uphill trail to reach Q’ara crus pass which at 4.500 meters, from here you will have a fascinating view of the Apurimac canyon hills, and part of Salkantay, then follow a sandy downhill path that turns around the mountain towards north and reaches an open ground “pop pop pampa”, then follow a trail that lead to pumaccasa hill, then downhill to an spot for lunch, after lunch there is an uphill trail that lead in to a narrow gate sumit “punku Ccasa”, then walk at the slope of a mountain and get downhill and camp at occoruro at 4.100 meters.

Day 03: Occoruro Tocto Ccasa. Wake up, breakfast, then continue  the interesting trail, uphill morning will take us to a summit of a hill by a trail that is ornate by the straw grass, then get downhill and uphill, again another similar sections of up and down, then we will have a large uphill and have lunch at the summit, from lunch a gentle trail will lead us to an interesting section from  where we will see the majestic salkanta, this is the best view of the mountain, then finally arrive to our campsite which is the highest at the spot named Tocto Ccasa 4.700 mts, then  get down to the camp site at 4.500 mts.

Day 04: Tocto Ccasa – Soraypampa. On this day we will have breakfast, if time allow it is going to be in an open spot with view to mountains, then we will walk by a gentle path and reach the Summit named Paso Inkachiriasca (the high summit at 5.100 mts, then right in front of Salkantay Mountain we will get downhill sections to Salkantaypampa (400mts), and stop for lunch, after lunch we can descend the last 2 hours of walk to soraypampa where we can dinner and camp.

Day 05: Soraypampa – Cusco. the usual nutritious breakfast will be given, then we will do a hike to the humantay lake, the walk takes about 2.5 hours to reach to this interesting place, once arriving we can enjoy the view, we will be one of the 1st groups, and enjoy the view without the crows, after that we are going to descent to the camp and stop for lunch, after lunch we will catch our transport back to Cusco, we will pass by several villages and at about 5 pm get to the city.


  • Private transport from Cusco to trail start point.
  • Complete meals during the trip.
  • Tents, mattress.
  • All cooking equipment.
  • Trekking cook and helper.
  • Muleteers to manage equipment and horses.
  • English speaking professional tour guide.
  • First Aid kit.
  • Emergency oxygen bottle.
  • Private transport from Saraypampa to Cusco.


  • Sleeping bags.
  • Tips for cook muleteers and guide.


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