Salkantay Trekking Tours

Trekking Tours: There is a classic trek to machu picchu by Salkantay, that is what everyone knows, but we locals are fortunate to know that there are several trails, well preserved and not used by the crowds, in this website we are proud that we are the only operator that has more than 6 trails that are safe, clean, and very well preserved paths.

Hike these unique paths that show you the best of the views of the majestic Holly Savage Mountain, and several picks, at many of our programs you will not see any other hikers at all, so this is magnificent, you will discover yourselves and experience the pure nature.

We have includes as well the one day hike to humantay lake, then the ancascocha trek to sacred valley 5 days program, the classic 5 days hike starting at soraypampa, then leading to Inca trail and finally ending directly to machu picchu which is 6 days program.

Feel free as well to require a customized tour, we can add a shaman we can do blessing and rituals along the trail, and also add some days to do meditations along the paths.

List of 6 Salkantay Trekking Tours.

We have a wide selection of trekking tours, most of them are new, here is a list by this beautiful mountain range.

  1. Classic Salkantay Trek To Machu Picchu: this is 5 days and 4 nights program, it takes you by the old path, you get in to the cloud forest, after spending 1 night in aguas calientes town, on the next morning, at the 1st hours, you can visit machu picchu.
  2. Trek Express Tour: 4 days 3nights; this program follows the same trail as the classic one, but w cut distance and time by taking transport from the the 2nd camp, the program is 4 days and 3 nights including the visit to machu picchu, but it can be even only 3 days.
  3. Inca Trail: an amazing 6 days trekking tour, this connects to the traditional inca trail, arrive machu picchu directly by the traditional inca trail. (need an early booking).
  4. Llamacancha Humantay Lake: Another incredible, and exclusive program of our company, it leads you to salkantay, humantay, and the new famous humantay lake, it is a new program and no other operators know our path.
  5. Ancascocha Trek: New program as well, by none frequented path, you will see salkantay mountain, and several mountain summits, this ancascocha trail is magnificent, for people looking to get in touch with nature.
  6. Humantay Lake Tour: Only few people new this lake, because of it’s beauty people started organizing day trips, a worthy hike to see the lake, daily departures, full day trip from Cusco.

All trails leaded and organized directly by our company, and its expert local, professional trekking tour guides.